Solotek Quality

Solotek Electronics Ltd. Sti. offers a high standard of service for demanding customers. Solotek as the basis of activities; special emphasis on experience, expertise, accuracy, reliability and quality It serves.

The purpose of Solotek Elektronik is to ensure that its customers are to supply the authorities in accordance with the specified requirements. To achieve this planned and developed effective and efficient quality management system, combined with management functions Solotek Elektronik Ltd. Şti. Ltd. Şti. 'S policy.

Our policy is primarily designed to protect the customer from errors. In doing so, Solotek To be known as a professional and efficient service provider and trying to fulfill the requirements. Our service contracts and legal requirements compliance is determined on the basis of objective evidence. Solotek Electronics; management, sales and company with an ongoing training program for staff of all levels of operation staff will ensure that they are fully in touch with their goals.

The Quality Management system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2019.

This policy ensures that all requirements of the applicable ISO 9001 standard are met and implemented. Designed to provide.